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mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012

Tim Burton magical fashion

Happy Halloween!!

And this is why we love fashion! 
This and so many other that-s! Tim Burton was already featured in a magazine pictorial turned magical, now it’s time for another one with Halloween approaching!

I do miss Helena Bonham-Carter’s mad fashion sense and quirky adorable looks, and I do think she should’ve been part of this Magical Fashion tale. However, Malgosia Bela, Evelina Mambetova and Sephie Srej do a pretty good job at being creepy and lovely at the same time, all under Tim Walker’s lenses. All because of Tim Burton. Otherwise I would just raise my eyebrows and flip trough, searching for a happy view.

Goth is nothing without Tim Burton. He’s the master of cartoon-ish, fairy tale-ish goth, a goth that slips underneath my skin and whispers to my inner child’s ear. How could you ignore such fantastic beauty?

Harper’s Bazaar October 2009

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