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Taken together, however, they are a bomb! As us.

giovedì 26 aprile 2012

Stones jumping on the water

First day of our short journey in Riccione: bag, camera, and straight to the sea..
It wasn't hot. Ok, not enough for a swim! But this is a wonderful place,
with delicious foods..oh yes, dad always knows where to bring us!!
My love spent about an hour teaching Nico how to make pebbles jump on the water..
they were so funny, and so lovely.....


-"Ehi, Nico! look at this one!!"

Yohji Yamamoto honja-hi sneakers
Cheap Monday pants
H&M shirt
Zara rucksack
Yohji Yamamoto jacket
Marc Jacobs sunglasses

Zara Sweater and Pants
ModeKungen Creepers
80's Purple Sunglasses

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